joshmanicus (joshmanicus) wrote in anarkocommunism,

A Grin Without a Cat

I was going to say a big long piece about what's going on in the video below but I tend to think that this video speaks for itself and doesn't require anyone interpreting it for you.

What you've just seen is the opening of the Movie which is titled "Le fond de l'air est rouge" en francais and "A Grin Without a Cat" en anglais.  For a pretty decent review of Le fond de l'air est rouge go here:

The best part of that review is the following statement:

"The title, A Grin Without a Cat, is a reference to Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, which, like revolution, is seen only in parts, not the whole. As Marker says of the contributions by this film's unknown image-takers and his own re-edited footage: 'You can never tell what the camera might be filming.'"

I'll be x-posting this to a bunch of other places.
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