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There's no justice, there's just us.

Here's a welfare horror story you won't read about in the right-wing press:

There will be no questions in the House over this. No public enquiry. Simply put, nobody cares.

This is never going to change, and in fact it will get much, much worse. People will be dropping out of tower blocks like flies by the time the Tories and Labour have finished with their new clampdown / dragnet on the sick and the mentally ill.

This is purely and simply because there is nobody to stop them. The Left are too busy supporting terrorists and dictators, the liberals are too busy excoriating the Left for the above, face it, nobody gives a toss about ordinary people, particularly the poor and vulnerable. Everyday life is jut not on the radar politically and every means to get it on the radar has been co-opted by power-hungry scum and middle class hippy-dippy twerps. There's no justice, there's just us.

We're all fucked.
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